Today is World Water Day!

Polarquest2018 is happy to celebrate this day by introducing the WeTest: Sensors for People project!

WeTest scientists from the University of Alberta, Canada, are developing and testing an app that will allow every citizen to simply test the quality of their water with the help of a smartphone. They are also working are working on an open source database in order to make data accessible and shareable. The final phase of testing at the Arctic will consolidate its functionalities before making it available on a large scale.

The APP will be part of a kit already available on the market, developed by the NGO Water Rangers that includes a series of tools for testing water healthiness. Through the WeTest APP we can make water testing a reality in each and every corner of the world. On top of that, creating awareness among citizens about water contamination, through our communication and the direct involvement in the data collection is a powerful way for making make the Global Goals for sustainable development a reality.

In the video above, WeTest scientist Gaspard Durieux unpacks the Water Ranger kit.

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