All of the student participants at the TPE TM Event.

College Voltaire students present PolarQuEEEst at CERN!

The PolarQuEEEst detector was the subject of an excellent student-led presentation at CERN last month. This past summer, PolarQuEEEst travelled aboard sailboat Nanuq for a scientific expedition to Iceland, Svalbard and Norway.  Taking data throughout the voyage, it became the first detector to measure sea-level cosmic rays at the record 82°07 North!

The cosmic detector was assembled at CERN by high-school students from Norway, Italy and Switzerland. Key to the assembly were the students from College Voltaire in Switzerland, who recently took part in the seventh edition of the cross-border symposium “Mon TPE/TM en 15 minutes” (“My project in 15 minutes”) at CERN. The students gave a presentation on their work with Polarquest.

The students described the overall scientific aims of PolarquEEEst, how they approached the construction of the detector, and gave a summary of the successes of the expedition. Their presentation was met with great interest and admiration from the audience!

Read more about the event on the CERN website.

The students presented preliminary results from the PolarQuEEEst detector.
Giving a short scientific explanation of cosmic rays and their impact on the planet.
They described the construction of the detector at CERN.
The students explained the complexity of the detector construction process.