August 8, 2018 - Dispatch from Nanuq: unsustainable tourism

Nanuq travelled from Lilliehöökfjord to Magdalenefjord

They also visited Virgo Bay, launching point of some of the most iconic polar missions

Every hour on Nanuq is a day’s worth of experiences. Project leader Paola Catapano sent in her second dispatch of 8 August, describing the contrasts Nanuq is witnessing in the Arctic. On the one hand, undisturbed nature – on the other, unsustainable tourism:

“We left in the full sun, and the shining beauty of the glacier all around us… except for a huge ship, the World Cruiser, blocking our way out of the fjord and surrounded by a swarm of kajaks and zodiacs. This is the kind of tourism you do not want in such an unspoilt and critical area of our planet. Peter and I are so disgusted that we spontaneously make a joint resolution: our objective after this expedition is to launch an initiative to protect the ice pack (banquise) with appropriate legislation, forbidding tourists on certain sites and allowing just 1/1000th people per inhabitants. A new movement was born today on board Nanuq!”

Read the full dispatch here!

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