August 8, 2018 - Dispatch from Nanuq: On the heels of a polar bear

Nanuq explores the Lilliehöökbreen glacier

Will soon leave the fjord into rough waters

Paola Catapano sends the first dispatch from Nanuq’s excursion into Northern Svalbard. The adventure features signs of royals, polar bears and polluting fishermen – and it is just day one!

“Peter gave me the honour of the helm for this first sail out of Ny Alesund and it was great to slalom among ice blocks and the long waves. Just out of Ny Alesund we saw – barely visible – the Royal yacht to whom we have waved goodbye yesterday. It was white against the white glacier behind it, protected by a grey Coastguard ship barely visible before the grey mountain.”

Read the full dispatch here!

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