August 13, 2018 - Crew says prayer for Airship ITALIA

Next stop: 81°50N 25°35 E, the likely position of the Airship if it landed in the water

The PolarQuest team have arrived at the crash area of the Airship ITALIA: 81°14N 25°25 E. These were the coordinates sent out by ITALIA’s survivors in their first SOS message, 24 hrs after the crash.

It was an emotional moment, as the team said a prayer at the site, and left behind flowers and a cross given to them by the descendants of Airship ITALIA’s crew. As the PolarQuest team are the first people to visit the site in 90 years, this was at last an opportunity to lay the missing crew to rest.

It is also the first chance for team to search for the Airship ITALIA beneath the Arctic waters. Read the new article to find out how Nanuq will proceed with searching for the Airship!

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