Stefania Capobianco

A communications and project specialist passionate about people, science and innovation.

Katarina Anthony

A science communication professional with a passion for travel, activism and rescue pups.

Roberto Sparapani

Former head of the Italian Arctic Research base “Dirigibile Italia” in Ny Alesund, as well as the Antarctic base Mario Zucchelli station, Roberto is an Arctic and Antarctic veteran and has a deep knowledge of the ITALIA Airship story. Currently directing the historical archives of the Italian research Council (CNR) he supports Polarquest2018 in the […]

Maddalena Monge

A digital communications professional interested in adventure and innovation. Maddalena loves exciting projects and adventure.

Paolo Sirigu

Webmaster for Polarquest2018 and researcher at CRS4.

Dorothée Adam

Documentary and filmmaker, arctic reporter, former official filmmaker of the french presidency.

Gavino Paddeu

Webmaster for Polarquest2018 and head of Network Distributed Applications area of CRS4.

Victor Charnier

Intern in the communication group at CERN and student at Grenoble Ecole de Management