His research activity is on Astro-Particle physics. During his Master Degree, achieved at the Bologna University in 1999, he has worked on a project for the construction of a new experiment for the detection of muon neutrino oscillations: AQUA-RICH.

Currently he participates to the LVD (Large Volume Detector) experiment, located at the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso; the experiment, which is in data taking since 1992, is dedicated to the detection of neutrino bursts from gravitational core collapse Supernovae.

He has obtained the Ph. D. in physics in 2005, at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on the measurement of the underground muon vertical intensity as function of rock depth with the LVD detector. Since 2004, he works on the EEE Project experiment dedicated to the study of extreme high energy primary cosmic rays through the detection at ground of the muon component of the showers initiated by primary interaction in the Earth atmosphere.