It’s the season of giving: donate to Polarquest and receive special benefits!

This summer, Polarquest ventured high above the Arctic Circle to take the world’s northern-most samples of microplastics. Though the mission was a fantastic success for science, the crew still needs your help!

We still have two major objectives: analyzing the microplastic samples, currently frozen in the Marine Biology laboratories of ISMAR/CNR in Lerici, La Spezia (Italy) and editing and translating the 52’ documentary recorded during the expedition.

Can you support this mission with a donation on Global Giving? We are just $6,000 away from meeting our goal. With your support, we can carry out the two remaining important objectives of Polarquest2018!

For added incentive, for the remainder of 2018, your donation will be enhanced with special donor benefits! Donate before 1 January 2019 and you may receive:

  • Donors giving 100 USD and above will be given a digital selection of our best pictures from this fantastic expedition in high resolution.
  • Donors giving 1000 USD or more will benefit from special prints and will be thanked in the credits of our documentary (unless they wished to remain anonymous).

Thanks to the public’s support, we’ve been able to accomplish this excellent mission in 2018. Let’s keep the momentum going into 2019 and spread the scientific knowledge of Polarquest around the world!

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