Our Polarquest documentary is competing at the Terres Festival in Spain!

May 2, 2019 – Stefania Capobianco

Today 2nd May, our documentary by Ushuaia TV (France) on the Polarquest2018 expedition will be screened at the Terres Festival in Spain! Awards will be revealed on Friday 3rd May! 

Our film director Dorothée Adam is presenting this summer’s polar expedition on board Nanuq around the Svalbard archipelago during the Terres Festival competition, taking place from April 26th to May 5th in Tortosa, Spain.

108 productions from 24 countries are taking part in the official competition of this third edition of the Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity, focused on sustainable development and natural tourism.

The awards ceremony will take place on Friday 3rd May at the Theatre-Auditorium Felip Pedrell, where the 14 members of the international jury – belonging to the fields of communication and tourism – will evaluate the films in competition.

The Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity is the only specialized tourist tourism event that is held in Catalonia and since 2019 is a member of the CIFFT circuit, the International Committee of Tourist Festivals, which includes 18 festivals all around the world. The CIFFT circuit is a unique competition in the world, aimed at rewarding the best tourism films.

DIRECTOR: Dorothée Adam Mazard and Alwin Courcy

PRODUCER: Flair Production



POLARQUEST is a polar expedition melting adventure, science and history.

Summer 2018, a team of explorers navigate around Svalbard archipelago with a sailing boat. They are looking for the wreck of the Italia airship on the 90th anniversary of the crash which made the history of polar exploration. An international team of arctic researchers look for answers to some of the greatest enigmas of science, from climate change to the origin of high energy cosmic rays , from measuring the impact of human pollution at extreme latitudes to creating awareness of the micro- and nano-plastic contents in the Arctic Ocean. A voyage to the last untouched wildernesses on earth, to convey the importance of the Arctic for our sustainable future.