Nanuq’s previous adventures

NanuQ: PRevious AdventuRes

Summer 2015: Denmark – Feroe – Iceland – Greenland

Total distance : 4500 nautical miles (one way). Nanuq sailed from warm and densely populated Scandinavia via Iceland to snow and ice-covered Greenland, the green (and fairly warm) West-coast and up to the arctic north in the Qaanaaq region.

A winter in Greenland’s ice (2015-2016)

Nanuq spent the winter caught in the ice. Conditions were cold and dark. The sun set for a three months lasting night and exotic polar lights. Scientific investigations went on throughout the winter. People on board experienced living and working in the extrem

Summer 2016: The North-West coast of Greenland

Total distance : 1600 nautical miles. Nanuq started in the high arctic region of N-W Greenland from where she sailed south via Melville Bay to the impressive W-coast, the alpine Upernavik and Ummanaq districts and Disco Bay renown for its huge icebergs. After a short stop in Aasiaat she headed further south following the sheltered inshore route to visit the alpine fjord region around Maniitsoq and reach Nuuk, the capital.

Summer 2017: Greenland to Iceland summer

Total distance : 1650 nautical miles. Nanuq started in Maniitsoq on the West coast of Greenland from where she sailed south via Prins Christian Sund to the East-coast, north and set over to Iceland.