NanuQ: a MessengeR fOr the Planet

NanuQ, a sustainable sailing boat

Nanuq (meaning polar bear in the Inuit language) is a 60-foot Grand Integral sailboat designed, built and skipped by Genevese architect Peter Gallinelli to sail in the polar region and withstand arctic winter in a self-sufficient mode, using only renewable energies (sun, wind, environmental heat), thanks to its innovative thermal insulation and heat recovery systems, coupled with an optimized energy management system.

NanuQ, The Passive Igloo Project

The passive igloo is a minimal habitat designed to serve as a scientific base camp and dwelling to accommodate, in complete self-sufficiency, a team of six during an arctic winter, taking in master students, doctoral students and researchers motivated by an interest and passion towards research in the Arctic regions. It is a demonstration project that illustrates that simple, robust, constructive and technical solutions may challenge low-cost energy scarcity in a credible way. Transposed to temperate climates, the experience feedback will be useful to outline the habitat of tomorrow, providing more independence and quality of life to its inhabitants.