Launch of the WeTest GlobalGiving Project

Did you know that water-related diseases are the first cause of child mortality worldwide? How would this data change if citizens were able to easily get warned when water is contaminated?

At the University of Alberta, Gaspard Durieux and his team are working on the development of an APP that thanks to a smartphone technology to make water quality measurement simple and meaningful to everyone.

How does it work?

After taking a picture of the water, a water-quality sensor through colour change will return information about its quality. Easy to use, it will be soon available to everybody! In parallel, scientists are working on a open source database in order to make data accessible and shareable to foster people cooperation. We believe providing scientific tools and an augmented reality platforms will help people organize, understand and protect their environment.

That’s why we ask for your contribution to the phase of APP testing worth 10k that Gaspard and his team are planning for this summer during the Polarquest expedition. Get to know more about the expedition, access the global giving platform and donate!

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