Special Polarquest evening event to be held at Nerja Cultural Centre, Spain

A special Polarquest evening event will be held at the Nerja Cultural Centre, Spain. Since its founding in 1998, the centre has been a cultural hub for the coast of Spain, with performances by renowned Spanish artists including Vicente Amigo and Carmen Linares.

On December 19th, 2019, the centre will host a special evening event, with a screening of the mission’s documentary. Following the screening, Polarquest team member and Nerja-native, Katarina Anthony, will answer questions about the mission from the audience. The evening event will also explore the adaptation of Umberto Nobile’s polar adventure in the classic film The Red Tent.

Thursday 19 December, 7pm

An international group of young researchers and science journalists embarked on the Polarquest2018 expedition to circumnavigated the Svalbard archipelago on the 90th anniversary of Umberto Nobile’s transpolar flight and carry out science in the Arctic ocean. Polarquest2018’s sailboat Nanuq successfully completed the expedition on August 22 2018, logging 3500 miles and reaching the boundary of the ice shelf at 82°07’ N in conditions favoured by the exceptionally hot summer and the total absence of ice in the Arctic ocean North of Svalbard.