Rescue: 90 years ago, today

After 27 days on the pack ice, ITALIA airship survivors know they’ve been sighted by Italian Air Force waterplane Savoia Marchetti, commanded by captain Maddalena.

Polarquest2018 goes into exploration mode… live on Italian national TV !

Exciting times for Polarquest2018! A series of exceptional events last week launched the PolarQuest team into full “expedition mode”. Paola Catapano and Mike Striuk were invited by our partner NORBIT Subsea to attend an intense field training in Trondheim, Norway on the use of their latest 3D multibeam sonar that we will use North of Svalbard to search for any remains of the ITALIA Airship.

Radio, Quasars and Telescopes in the Arctic

On this date, 90 years ago, at 8:55 pm, stranded radio-telegraphist Giuseppe Biagi sent off his hourly SOS. In celebrtion of this anniversary, Polarquest2018 interviewed friend and geodesy researcher, Vincenza Tornatore.

High school students assemble the PolarquEEEst detector!

23 high school students from Norway, Italy and Switzerland arrived at CERN today to take part in a unique cosmic project: the assembly of a PolarquEEEst detector. This special device is designed to catch the intense flow of cosmic rays that bombard the Earth above 80°N.

90th Anniversary of Airship ITALIA

Polarquest2018 has partnered with three prestigious Italian institutions to commemorate the 90th anniversary of this pioneering flight over the North Pole with three events open to the press and the public.

Develop Polarquest’s mission patch!

The PolarQuest Patch Contest targets European students to design unique creations, that must represent the essence of the Polarquest expedition and the relevance of the Arctic, region where the expedition will take place.

Press Release: GREAL in the Arctic with PolarQuest 2018

The Geographic Research and Application Laboratory of the European University of Rome will participate in the PolarQuest 2018 expedition to the Arctic region with a geographic observation program by drones.

Celebrate 8th March!

Laurence de la Ferrière is a record-breaking French mountaineer, explorer and writer.

Global Seed Vault Reaches 1M Mark

To celebrate its tenth anniversary in February, the Global Seed Vault Vault accepted over 77,000 new samples – taking it over the 1 million deposits mark!

Polarquest2018 in RAITRE GEO

Rivedete Paola Catapano nella diretta dalla nota trasmissione di RAITRE GEO, tutta dedicata alla spedizione Polarquest2018.

Global Giving Certificate of Achievement!

Polarquest successfully completed the Global Giving 2017 Accelerator Campaign by raising over 50 000 USD for its Microplastic in the Arctic campaign and earned a Certificate of Achievement!

Interview with Miriam Santoro

PolarQuEEEst is a special detector catching cosmic rays coming from the distant regions of our universe, particularly concentrated at the Poles. One of these special “telescopes” will be on board Nanuq to measure the cosmic ray flow at different latitudes.


Wow! Thanks to your support, we’ve raised over $,000 on Bonus day Dec. 13 for the PolarQuest2018 campaign!!!