A message for the planet

A voyage to the last untouched wildernesses on earth, to convey the importance of the Arctic for our sustainable future

Extreme Science

An international team of arctic researchers, today’s explorers of the unknown, looking for answers to some of the greatest enigmas of science, from climate change to measuring the impact of human pollution at extreme latitudes, from the study of paleoclimate to the origin of high energy cosmic rays……

Extreme Exploration

Complete circumnavigation of the entire Svalbard archipelago with a sailing boat……

Extreme Adventure

A quest for the wreck of the Italia airship on the 90th anniversary of the crash which made the history of polar exploration…

A Polar Exploration

1928 Airship Italia 25.05.1928 After completing two successful scientific expedition in the Arctic regions, Airship Italia crashed on the pack about 120 km northeast of Nordaustlandet, Svalbard (81°14 N 28°14 E), on its return journey from the first airborne circling of the North Pole. Nine survivors and one fatality were left on the floating ice, […]