“82°07’Nord” arriva al Cagliari FestivalScienza

Dall’8 al 30 novembre, in occasione del Cagliari FestivalScienza, la mostra fotografica firmata Polarquest2018 vi aspetta presso la Fondazione di Sardegna con una nuova esposizione a cura del CRS4, nell’ambito del progetto di divulgazione scientifica Lab Boat.

Polarquest film to be screened at the International Maritime Film Festival

The International Maritime Film Festival is a juried contest of films celebrating the heritage, spirit of adventure, and ingenuity of boats and waterborne pursuits. The festival features a wide variety of films on a range of maritime subjects, and this year will be screening the Polarquest documentary!

Honouring the Airship ITALIA Crew

A year ago today, on Aug 13, 2018, the Polarquest crew ventured into the Arctic to pay respects to the Airship ITALIA crew. They were the first people to visit the crash point, above the 81st parallel North of the Svalbard Archipelago, and held a memorial in honour of the missing crew.

Sulle tracce del Dirigibile Italia | 28-29 giugno 2019

Una missione a bordo di un veliero ecosostenibile che ha solcato le acque dell’Artico per studiare i raggi cosmici, campionare le microplastiche disperse in mare, fare rilevamenti geografici per la modellizzazione tridimensionale, raccogliere dati su fauna e coste e per ricercare le tracce del relitto del dirigibile di Nobile scomparso nei pressi delle Svalbard.

Polarquest e discendenti incontrano Papa Francesco

Mercoledì 22 maggio, in occasione del 91esimo anniversario della trasvolata polare del Dirigibile Italia, una delegazione di Polarquest e discendenti dell’equipaggio dell’aeronave ha incontrato in udienza il Santo Padre.

Paola Catapano torna a Geo&Geo

Per chi avesse perso la puntata Geo&Geo di martedì 21 maggio con la nostra Paola Catapano sulla spedizione polare Polarquest2018 e il Dirigibile Italia, ecco la registrazione!

Meet Polarquest Scholarship Awardee Valeria!

It’s a great day today, May 13, for Polarquest and our microplastic junior scientist Valeria Catapano! As Polarquest Scholarship Awardee, this young biologist starts today analyzing microplastics samples collected during the Polarquest2018 expedition.

Microplastic in the Desert
Microplastic in the Desert

There has been a push for understanding the quantity of microplastics we have in our oceans, but what about other ecosystems? We are proud to introduce you our new research project: Microplastic in the Desert!

Polarquest documentary wins award at Terres Film Festival!

We are thrilled to announce that our Documentary for Ushuaia TV just won the Sustainable Tourism and Ecology prize at the Terres Film Festival in Tortosa, Spain! Bravo t0 Dorothee Adam and Alwin Courcy for their tireless work on this film, as well as the entire Polarquest2018 team!

Une nouvelle planète trouver !!

Un message très important d’une jeune étudiante (Maxine Struik) ayant vu l’état critique de la terre qui essaye de persuader l’humanité de sauver leur planète.

Happy Earth Day! Let’s celebrate with BioStraw4Planet!

Today, on the occasion of the Climate Fund Campaign (April 15-29), GlobalGiving celebrates Earth Day with $50,000 in matching funds and bonus prizes. Your donation is key to kick off the microproject BioStraw4Planet!

Support BioStraw4Planet during the Little by Little campaign

Today is the start of the Little By Little Campaign! Even a small donation can go a long way, if you contribute between April 8 to April 12. Our recently launched GlobalGiving microproject BioStraw4Planet is the perfect option to support during this campaign.

Polarquest documentary on Ushuaïa TV

A documentary on the Polarquest2018 expedition is being broadcast on French television station Ushuaïa TV. Find out more about the production, and when you can tune in!

Polarquest achievements on GlobalGiving

We were thrilled to receive a number of wonderful accolades from GlobalGiving this past week. These reflect the support of our donors in 2018, making them not only our awards – but yours!

Associazione Radioamatori Italiani ha nominato il Signor Giuseppe Biagi Socio Onorario della Sezione

La Sezione di Cuneo della Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, nel 90° anniversario della tragedia della aeronave ITALIA al Polo Nord, ha nominato il Signor Giuseppe Biagi, nipote dell’eroico radiotelegrafista della spedizione polare Giuseppe Biagi, Socio Onorario della Sezione in riconoscimento della sua appassionata ricerca storica svolta a ricostruzione di quella lontana sfortunata spedizione polare.

Cominicato e Invito Stampa alla Conferenza: Spedizione artica PolarQuest 2018 risultati scientifici e risvolti geografici

Il giorno 27 novembre 2018, presso la sede della Società Geografica Italiana in Roma si terrà un evento di presentazione dei primi risultati scientifici raccolti dalla spedizione internazionale di ricerca e comunicazione scientifica “Polarquest 2018”. Particolare rilievo sarà dato al resoconto di attività di ricerca e comunicazione che abbiano rivestito valenza geografica.

Celebrating 90 years of Arctic Exploration in La Spezia

On 10 November, the voyage of Airship ITALIA was commemorated at “Ritorno al Polo Nord” in La Spezia (Italy). The event featured talks by Italian and international researchers and historians, including Polarquest’s project leader Paola Catapano and geographer Gianluca Casagrande.

Polarquest at Genova Science Festival

On Nov 2 project leader Paola Catapano and chief scientist Luisa Cifarelli presented the expedition and its preliminary scientific results at the Genova Science Festival

“82°07 North”: Exhibition and Photo Competition!

“82°07 North” first opened at CERN last month, and will continue to tour around Europe throughout the year. Look forward to announcements of new exhibition dates. But – if you cannot catch it in person – explore the photographs in this virtual gallery!

Polarquest kicks off series of events at CERN

The Polarquest2018 team is launching a series of events today at CERN, aiming to engage people in their extraordinary expedition and describe their scientific accomplishments.

COMUNICATO STAMPA Polarquest2018: missione compiuta! Risultati e punti forti della spedizione

Il 22 agosto 2018, alle 21:30 ora locale, la barca a vela Nanuq impegnata nella spedizione Polarquest2018 ha completato con successo la circumnavigazione dell’arcipelago delle Svalbard, chiudendo il cerchio al largo di Longyearbyen (Isfjord), dove la tappa Svalbard della spedizione aveva preso inizio il 4 agosto, percorrendo 1500 miglia e raggiungendo le propaggini esterne della banchisa a 82°07’ N, alle 16h50 UTC del 13 agosto.

Press Release: Polarquest2018: mission accomplished!

 On 22 August 2018, 21:30 local time Polarquest2018’s sailboat Nanuq has successfully completed the circumnavigation of the Svalbard archipelago closing the loop in Isfjord, just outside Longyearbyen, where the Svalbard leg of the expedition started on August 4, logging 1500 nautical miles and reaching the outer boundary of the ice shelf at 82°07 N at 16h50 UTC on August 13.

Of belugas and daggerboards: a tale of (mis)adventures in Svalbard

We have seen many arctic animals on our expedition so far. Polar bears, reindeers, walruses… but ones whoe surprised us most were the belugas spotted at the Recherche Fjord. Their enchanting and distracting dance preluded Nanuq being stranded for 12 hours… with its daggerboard cut in two!

Nanuq receives a warm welcome from the Polish Polar Station

The Polish Polar research station in Hornsund, in the Southern corner of Spitsbergen island, is located in a stunning bay surrounded by a beautiful mountain circle coated in the intense green of the summer moss and arctic flowers, and abrupt glaciers in the background.

Nanuq searches for Airship ITALIA

On 13 August 2018, the PolarQuest team arrived at the crash area of the Airship ITALIA: 81°14 N 25°25 E. These were the coordinates sent out by ITALIA’s survivors in their first SOS message, 24 hours after the crash.

Dispatch from 80°N: in the footsteps of Nobile

Once you leave the Spitsberg island, the largest of the archipelago, for The North East island, or Nordaustlandet, everything changes. It is remarkably colder than it is on these coasts, out of the reach of the warm Gulf Stream.

Dispatch from Nanuq: Team makes a surprise discovery on land

PolarQuest2018 is not only a scientific mission – it also features a great deal of adventure! We are searching for quite a few lost objects. Some are as big and as important as airships, but others are smaller and – at least to their owners – equally as important. When we were at the Italian research station a few days ago in Ny Alesund, Stefano Ventura, a permafrost researcher from CNR Florence, tasked us with a new search as soon as he learned we were sailing North.

Dispatch from Nanuq: Unsustainable tourism damages this delicate environment

We left in the full sun, and the shining beauty of the glacier all around us… except for a huge ship, the World Cruiser, blocking our way out of the fjord and surrounded by a swarm of kajaks and zodiacs. This is the kind of tourism you do not want in such an unspoilt and critical area of our planet.

Dispatch from Nanuq: on the heels of a polar bear

We cast off from Ny Alesund harbour at 10.25 UTC while the big cruiser Hurtigruten entered the harbour with its load of tourists. Another consequence of global warming is the increase of tourists to the Svalbard archipelago.

Alla Baia del Re con i discendenti del dirigibile ITALIA

Appena atterrati a Ny Alesund gli occhi di tutti si dirigono verso quel pilone d’acciaio ormai un po’ arrugginito a cui venne ancorato il dirigibile Italia prima della partenza. Si trova sulla baia dei re dove si erge Ny Alesund la città più a nord del mondo, sede della Ricerca scientifica in artico per ben 10 nazioni tra cui anche l’Italia con la base “Dirigibile Italia” del Centro Nazionale di Ricerca italiano.

Land ahead! Nanuq arrives at Svalbard

Nanuq safely arrived in the Svalbard archipelago today! The team is two full days ahead of schedule, thanks to strong winds in their favour during the voyage.

Cast off! The adventure begins!

At 18.35 local time in Iceland, Nanuq cast off! The crew will now embark on the first leg of the PolarQuest mission: a ten-day trip on rough seas to Longyearbyen, Svalbard archipelago.

Nanuq is ready to cast off!

All 10 PolarQuest2018 crew members taking part in the Iceland to Svalbard leg of the trip are on board. They are currently are sailing in the fjord for a full briefing given by co-skipper Mathilde Gallinelli.

Press Release: B&G Proud To Support Polarquest 2018

Extreme Adventure. Extreme Exploration. Extreme Science. Join B&G onboard Nanuq the self-sufficient sailing boat, as a specialist team face the elements in one of the most beautiful and extreme environments on the planet #SailTheElements

Siamo noi che dobbiamo contribuire a rendere viva la storia

Sabato 7 e Domenica 8 Luglio si è svolto presso la Casa dell’Aviatore di Roma il convegno “Noi del Dirigibile” con protagonisti i familiari dei membri dell’equipaggio del Dirigibile Italia, schiantatosi al Polo Nord il 25 maggio 1928.

Rescue: 90 years ago, today

After 27 days on the pack ice, ITALIA airship survivors know they’ve been sighted by Italian Air Force waterplane Savoia Marchetti, commanded by captain Maddalena.

Polarquest2018 goes into exploration mode… live on Italian national TV !

Exciting times for Polarquest2018! A series of exceptional events last week launched the PolarQuest team into full “expedition mode”. Paola Catapano and Mike Striuk were invited by our partner NORBIT Subsea to attend an intense field training in Trondheim, Norway on the use of their latest 3D multibeam sonar that we will use North of Svalbard to search for any remains of the ITALIA Airship.

Radio, Quasars and Telescopes in the Arctic

On this date, 90 years ago, at 8:55 pm, stranded radio-telegraphist Giuseppe Biagi sent off his hourly SOS. In celebrtion of this anniversary, Polarquest2018 interviewed friend and geodesy researcher, Vincenza Tornatore.

High school students assemble the PolarquEEEst detector!

23 high school students from Norway, Italy and Switzerland arrived at CERN today to take part in a unique cosmic project: the assembly of a PolarquEEEst detector. This special device is designed to catch the intense flow of cosmic rays that bombard the Earth above 80°N.

90th Anniversary of Airship ITALIA

Polarquest2018 has partnered with three prestigious Italian institutions to commemorate the 90th anniversary of this pioneering flight over the North Pole with three events open to the press and the public.

Develop Polarquest’s mission patch!

The PolarQuest Patch Contest targets European students to design unique creations, that must represent the essence of the Polarquest expedition and the relevance of the Arctic, region where the expedition will take place.

Press Release: GREAL in the Arctic with PolarQuest 2018

The Geographic Research and Application Laboratory of the European University of Rome will participate in the PolarQuest 2018 expedition to the Arctic region with a geographic observation program by drones.

Celebrate 8th March!

Laurence de la Ferrière is a record-breaking French mountaineer, explorer and writer.

Global Seed Vault Reaches 1M Mark

To celebrate its tenth anniversary in February, the Global Seed Vault Vault accepted over 77,000 new samples – taking it over the 1 million deposits mark!

Polarquest2018 in RAITRE GEO

Rivedete Paola Catapano nella diretta dalla nota trasmissione di RAITRE GEO, tutta dedicata alla spedizione Polarquest2018.


Nanuq, the passive igloo Nanuq (meaning polar bear in the Inuit language) is a 60-foot Grand Integral sailboat designed, built and skipped by Genevese architect Peter Gallinelli to sail in the polar region and withstand arctic winter in a self-sufficient mode, using only renewable energies (sun, wind, environmental heat), thanks to its innovative thermal insulation […]

What is Polarquest 2018?

 EXTREME ADVENTURE A quest for the wreck of the Italia airship on the 90th anniversary of the crash which made the history of polar exploration. EXTREME EXPLORATION Complete circumnavigation of the entire Svalbard archipelago with a sailing boat. EXTREME SCIENCE An international team of arctic researchers, today’s explorers of the unknown, looking for answers to some […]