ADveNtuRe fOR ClimAte ChanGe

From July to August 2018, POLARQUEST2018, an international team of arctic explorers and researchers will venture to the Arctic ocean, from Iceland to the Svalbard archipelago, above the Polar Arctic Circle, on board Nanuq, a 60-foot sailboat designed to sail in the polar regions in a self-sufficient mode.

Why in the Arctic? 

Because the Arctic is melting much faster than expected and could be ice-free by 2030, and the cause is global warming.  

Our Mission

We will be looking for answers to one of the greatest challenges of our time, climate change, and raise awareness about its consequences.  


We will carry out three scientific experiments never performed before above 78° of latititude:

  • Mantanet for Microplastic – the first study to assess the presence and distribution of micro and nano-plastic in the Arctic waters above 78° of latitude.
  • AURORA (Accessible UAVs for Research and Observation in Remote Areas) – converting commercial drones into tools for scientific research.
  • PolarquEEEst – trying to solve the mystery of the origin of high energy cosmic rays and their impact on global warming.
  • We Test – measure the impact of human pollution in Arctic waters at extreme latitudes


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Cosmic Rays

POLARQUEST2018 will study mysterious cosmic rays using the Polar QuEEEst detector.

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Nanuq-Manta is the first study to assess the presence and distribution of microplastics in the Arctic waters above 78° of latitude.

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Polar Drones

AURORA will convert commercial drones into tools for scientific research.

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Water Quality

WeTest will assess water quality in specific regions to monitor the eutrophication risk of Arctic waters.

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