The Polarquest2018 Expedition


A quest for the wreck of the Italia airship on the 90th anniversary of the crash which made the history of polar exploration.


Complete circumnavigation of the entire Svalbard archipelago with a sailing boat.


An international team of arctic researchers, today’s explorers of the unknown, looking for answers to some of the greatest enigmas of science, from climate change to the origin of high energy cosmic rays , from measuring the impact of human pollution at extreme latitudes to creating awareness of the micro- and nano-plastic contents in the Artic Ocean.


A voyage to the last untouched wildernesses on earth, to convey the importance of the Arctic for our sustainable future.

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Nanuq 2020: Our new adventure!

Join us our new adventure on board Nanuq, as we travel the Arctic Ocean from Iceland to Greenland t0 explore the Blosseville glacier! Polarquest team member Kevin is on board, along with our Arctic captain, Peter Gallinelli. Follow our social media for the latest updates : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
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Scientific Accomplishments

Record-latitute study of Cosmic Rays
The PolarquEEEst experiment is a record-breaking cosmic ray detector, recording the world’s first sea-level data up to the latitude of 82°07’N. Learn more…

Northernmost studies of microplastics
Detailed studies of mico- and nano-plastic pollution in the Arctic, including the record latitude sampling.  Learn more…

First 3D mapping of the Northern Svalbard coasts
Landmark use of low-cost drones allowed Polarquest scientists to collect data in remote locations. Learn more…

Featured News

Polarquest2018 @ CERN: film screening and debate with the crew

On November 19, come at The Globe of Science and Innovation of CERN and meet the crew! (Free entrance but mandatory registration)




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